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Cool Glasses

Decanter Light’s from Cult Furniture

I just love these gorgeous decanter Light’s from Cult Furniture.

I have just purchased one for a bachelor pad that I am presently designing.

Decanter Lights

They would look brilliant hanging over a bar.

Talking of bars these funky bar stools would look pretty cool with the lights.

Bar Stool

So we have decanter lights, bar stools, and absolutely fab Waterford Chrystal shot glass’s

Cool Glasses

Inspiring Colour for July - Colour Palette Interiors

Colour Always Inspires Me!

Well its July already and today it’s miserable and raining, I was looking through some photos and saw this one that I took a couple of years ago on a nice sunny July day.

Colour always inspires me and I love the way that the butterfly and marigolds blend together.

I would love to see a room, colour washed in these colours and when I walked in it would brighten up my day.