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What is a Moodboard and why should I create one?

It is simply a collection of images and samples, it can include anything from paint samples, flooring samples fabric samples and pictures from magazines.
You’ll have to think about every aspect of the room, walls ceiling, flooring, windows and furniture, lighting and accessories.

It can be great fun and inspirational to do and will give you an insight of how your finished room will look and it will help you to avoid making costly mistakes.

Colour Paint trends for 2018

Dulux has announces its colour of the year for 2018 and its warm neutral shade, with a hint of heather, is all about bringing a warm and comforting vibe to your interiors.

Sitting between a smoky taupe and dusky mauve, Heart Wood is described as a 'warm neutral, with a hint of heather,' and comes at a time when homeowners yearn to transform their homes.

Heart Wood by Dulux

Heart Wood by Dulux

Pantone have also announced new colours for the spring 2018 and one of their colours which I also love is Ash Rose which is a muted pink which they have transformed into a more grounded hue.

Ash Rose by Pantone

Ash Rose by Pantone

Flowers beautiful Flowers

I love colour and flowers are beautiful and create a wonderful atmosphere and setting for a pleasant mood and wonderful aroma when home staging, they come in different textures and shapes and a lovely vase of flowers can bring an additional vocal point to a room and also brighten your mood.

If you’re thinking of painting a feature wall then you could bring a beautiful bloom to you paint supplier and have them match the colour.

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Concept \ Mood boards

Designers use mood or concept boards to convey the overall feel of a project, putting together images and objects which inspire, target desires and creativity and innovation.

Mood boards are also very useful at the early stages of a project as a guide tool to show to clients for approval before proceeding further.
The items on a board would include samples of fabric, wallpaper samples, Paint colours, Flooring, and pictures or photographs of furniture that you want to incorporate in your design.

I always advise clients to have a mood/concept board done as it will give them a great idea of how the room will look like when it’s finished.

Below are a few examples of mood or concepts boards for a variety of projects.

High Wycombe home styling interior design

Home Styling

Flamboyant interior designer Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen failed to find a buyer for his £1.6million home for a year
He has had to swallow his pride and redecorate the garishly-painted Cotswold farmhouse
(Quote from the Mail online)

Did you know that you only have 10 seconds to impress a prospective buyer! Does your home have kerb appeal?
Does it create a great impression?
Choosing a home is an enormous decision and if the crucial first impression is favourable a buyer is more likely to proceed so you need to get the buyer to emotionally connect with the property.
Don’t drop your asking price or keep waiting for that sale.
A home staging investment is always less than your first price reduction.
My specialist advice will help your property to be seen in its best light.

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