Colour Paint trends for 2018

Dulux has announces its colour of the year for 2018 and its warm neutral shade, with a hint of heather, is all about bringing a warm and comforting vibe to your interiors.

Sitting between a smoky taupe and dusky mauve, Heart Wood is described as a 'warm neutral, with a hint of heather,' and comes at a time when homeowners yearn to transform their homes.

Heart Wood by Dulux

Heart Wood by Dulux

Pantone have also announced new colours for the spring 2018 and one of their colours which I also love is Ash Rose which is a muted pink which they have transformed into a more grounded hue.

Ash Rose by Pantone

Ash Rose by Pantone

Flowers beautiful Flowers

I love colour and flowers are beautiful and create a wonderful atmosphere and setting for a pleasant mood and wonderful aroma when home staging, they come in different textures and shapes and a lovely vase of flowers can bring an additional vocal point to a room and also brighten your mood.

If you’re thinking of painting a feature wall then you could bring a beautiful bloom to you paint supplier and have them match the colour.

Inspiring Colour for July - Colour Palette Interiors

Colour Always Inspires Me!

Well its July already and today it’s miserable and raining, I was looking through some photos and saw this one that I took a couple of years ago on a nice sunny July day.

Colour always inspires me and I love the way that the butterfly and marigolds blend together.

I would love to see a room, colour washed in these colours and when I walked in it would brighten up my day.